Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dear globlets,

First, I'm sorry. It makes me very happy to know that there are people as cool as the Sarah following my glob! Doug too. However, I feel so noobish right now because I don't know how to "follow" bloggers! :( So uhh, if you could let me know how... it would be much appreciated. Cookies for all!
Well, maybe after Friday. My oven has been deceased for a few weeks now (seems like months) but it will be replaced by something larger than 20 inches wide AND from this century! Oh my god! It might even tell us the temperature! And it might have those handy little nobbies that let you set it to high-medium-low-etc! AND go between low and medium heats? Unbelievable. It will be an extraordinary experience, I'll tell you that. I... I just really want to bake, man! >.<

I'm going to kill myself. No, not really. But I'm going to a thingamabobber at the Emily Carr University this Saturday and I get to go there nice 'n early, around 6-7am, I think. It starts at noon. It will take an hour to get there. Do you see where I'm going with this? I'm going to kill myself! I've never ordered anything "venti" from Starbucks before, but I feel it might be strongly necessary, important, and probably recommended.

This is how I think it's going to go down, if caffeine is not strong within me:
I'm going to look like total crap, first of all... it'll be like, "So this is a picture of... of.................... uhhhhhhhh this is... wait... what is this? What was I thinking when I took it? Ummm... OH! I think it's a duck. NO! *turns it upside down* No, wait... *turns it back around* mmmm oh hey! Hi. How are you? What's your name? You look good. Is that... is that coffee in that mug? Hmm? Chai tea? What's that, like liquid tai chi - energy and exercise for the soul? Sounds good. Kapow-energy! Haha do you mind - thanks. *sip* "
Oh yes, it will go over well. I really have no idea what to expect. I'm a little nervous but... nothing bad can really happen. They won't say, "Holy crap what is this... this seed of the devil? Get out of here. I never want to see you or your work on this island again!"
"You know, Granville Island is not really an isla-"
"I don't care! Get out of here!" *splashes Ori in the face with tai chi* :P
I might cry when they criticize my work though...
"You know, you have to be able to appreciate and learn from criticism if you want to make it in the art world."
"I know! But I'm just *sob* so tired *blows nose* and I've been waiting so long just to have 15 minutes of your highness' precious time! Oh, woe!"
"Aww, here. Have some tai chi..." (Okay, the tai chi thing is officially old. :P sorry)

I'm gonna go now.



Ori. said...

I figured out to follow blogs. I'm learning!

Ori. said...


Sarah said...

omigosh, I was promoted to "the Sarah"?? When did this happen?
I might have been shot in my absence, too!
*faints dead away*

Ori. said...

LOL! No... but indeed you are, "The Sarah." Not only because I know not any other Sarahs but also because you are AWESOME and a great friend.
*offers you slice of resurrection cheesecake with raspberry sauce*

Sarah said...

Raspberry sauce? *drool trickles from side of mouth* I can live with this... :P