Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pt.2 of Crazy Weekend + Friends 'n Snow?

Song of the glob: The Wine Song by The Cat Empire

Dear Globlets,

Everybody's FaceBook status is, "Snow-this" and "Snow-that." I guess it kind of - sort of makes sense if you really think about it. After all, there is white crap all over town. Snow in the early morning and at night is the best. Everything is glowing in the dark.
I was trying to sleep last night when a bunch of people, who I'm going to say were in their twenties - students, were outside playing in the snow. It sounded like a lot of fun and I was jealous. I wished I had friends around here that I could call up and say, "Hey, man. There's snow. See you in 5. Bring gloves and your snowball-making skills." A whole group of people would be awesome. I think someone was celebrating their birthday, though, and then when they saw the snow, they decided to go out.
But you know... I'm really grateful for the friends I have, despite my complaining. The only friend I really have around here is Fi and she doesn't live within walking distance. It's not that I haven't met anybody else, but... people don't stick around for very long. It was my fault in two cases, I know, but I'm not really unhappy about that. Being the common denominator, however, is kind of... demoralizing. Maybe it's a good way to tell who your real friends are? But at the same time... you have to be given a chance.
Maybe I shouldn't take it personally, but sometimes it's hard not to.

I have a lot of friends all over the continent and it's really cool. I have people to stay with if I travel, hehe. The only thing is... you have to miss them a lot, and you have a lot of them to miss. It won't always be this way, I don't think, but it still sucks. :P And I felt like sharing because that's what we do here.

In other news...
Part two of my crazy weekend consisted of going to my boyfriend's place without his parents knowing, because if they knew, it wouldn't be allowed. We hung out for a couple of hours... until his mom drove up in the driveway.
"That's... my mom." was a bit of a moment-ruiner... but it was pretty serious. We ran out the back, jumped over the fence to the neighbour's yard and then from the neighbour's yard, over the fence - out. I'd never jumped a single fence in my life 'til then. My pants got all muddy 'cause there was guck on the wood. We walked out by the side of the house, only to find his mom still in the car. Instead of walking to see her with him, I walked over to the neighbour's driveway and kind of "hid" behind the neighbour's truck, still visible because we were already busted anyway. I thought about going over to her but I was too scared. After he and his mom talked, she got out of the car and said something like, "It was nice to see you again." and I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out, that I can remember. If I said anything, it wasn't anything coherent.
He didn't get into as much trouble as we thought he might but... let's just say he wasn't let down easy either.
On the way back home, I stopped at Purdy's and got some chocolate which I found to be quite helpful. (Dark chocolate but with sugar... none of that 80% cocoa stuff :| ... I can't handle that.) I also went to Blenz because when I went to the Starbucks, there was a huge lineup and I basically said, "fuck this" and walked out. There was no lineup at the blenz and they have caffeine too... but I ordered a samosa as well and the girl asked me if I'd like it warmed up. I said "yes, please". She warmed it up. It was really hot on the outside but in the middle it was still frozen! FROZEN. It was gross. The mocha was good though, luckily.
Walking back to my grandparents', it was around three o'clock in the afternoon and the sun was setting, depressingly, and I was really angry, wrinkling half the purple Purdy's bag in my clenched fist. I didn't know what would come out of the whole "getting caught" thing at the time. I am not religious and was, therefore, automatically disliked and prejudiced by certain people. I was angry because I hadn't been given a chance. I was angry because religion still gets in the way of modern 21st century living. I was angry because it was already hard to get to see him before that incident. I'm still angry.
I've been considering writing his parents a letter. If you have any thoughts on what I could write, feel free to leave me a comment.
And that was that.

Well, I'm off to... first, get dressed! And then I'm going to either decorate the tree or go outside to rub my brother's face in the white fluff stuff. Either way, both things will happen. It's so funny... our (fake) tree is so huge that it doesn't fit in our new-old house so we're using the top half and it still looks like a substantially large tree. It's very bushy. And Lucy, the cat, still climbs it.


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