Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stickers on Fruit?

Song of the Glob: "Stickers on Fruit" by Nancy White. - to quick listen.

Dear Globlets,

I need a shower.
Yes, that HAD to be the first thing you read here and YES, you really needed to know that.

In other news...

I'm currently on the mainland, hiding inside from the unusual, freezing, -10?ish temperatures of this lovely, suburban hell of a town. However, there is snow that has yet to be walked on in my grandparents' yard and it looks ever so inviting... but I fear my lazy side has convinced me to stay in and not bother with the boots, the coat, the hat, the scarf, and the gloves that do no good in keeping my hands dry nor warm... oh no. I'm fine with staying inside, drinking tea, for now. I'm going back home tomorrow and will begin the de-tornadoifying of the house and the general prep-work for Christmas. It's virtually impossible to keep the place clean and organized, especially when you're hauling stuff out from your storage area.

Oh man... there's a sticker on my grandpa's computer (the machine I'm using atm) and not only is it a sticker on my grandpa's computer :P ... but it also says PEEL HERE! And it's still ON it? He wouldn't notice if I took it off. It's so tempting >.< But hey! It's not as easy to remove as they make it seem. Yes, I like to remove stickers. Which brings me to something I'd like to complain about. And where better to complain than here, I say?
Say it with me now.
No, don't.
Think about all the stickers in the whole world that you like, apart from those ones that are shiny or sparkly or pretty or fuzzy or those ones that you scratch that smell nice... I like those...
Right. Now, think about all the stickers one faces on a somewhat daily basis. (Point not applicable to young children or those who still frequently use stickers) Stickers on fruit, for example. I HATE stickers on fruit. There's even a song about it. On bananas and oranges it's okay because you usually don't eat the skin, although sometimes you use orange peel for zest. But on apples? Pears? Nectarines? Peaches? COME ON! It's not easy to get them off and then you're eating little bits of sticky crap left over on your fruit! In Chile I didn't have this problem so much because the fruit was fresh. You don't see stickers on Chilean fruit there saying, "Producto de Chile..." Where else would it be from? UY! (Apples are the worst things to put stickers on, in my opinion.)
And then you have price stickers or labels on other things like clothes, accesories, Christmas gift bags, books, wallets, pens, etc. And what is left on the stickerfied item? That icky, sticky, gucky stuff you can't ever get off unless you've got the proper tools. (water+cloth)
You know how amusing it is to take off the label of a pop drink bottle? It is oh SO very amusing. I insist you try it sometime. Although, it is greatly discouraging when you finally remove the label, only to find that STICKerY bit DOES NOT COME OFF. You go through all the trouble, however amusing it may be... only to find that you can't actually take it completely off.

What a crazy world we live in... and the solution is simple: make stickers with the gluey bit sticky but easy to remove. We have small, amazing, compact pieces of technology... yet too-sticky stickers remain on the skins of fruit that many like to eat... sticker-free.
Of course, all this could be prevented by not eating imported fruits. It's okay to wait 'til fruit is in season. By not eating imported fruits, you not only get to eat better fruit because the time is right, but it also would prevent the need for big trucks to go from place to place, emitting fumes and other harmful substances into our air, it would help local farms and businesses, and it would help your own body stay healthy. ---> There's a mini-rant for you.

I'm off! I get to sleep on an inflatable bed. It doesn't ever sag so I never know how close to the edge I am. >.< It's very strange.

Have a good night and a merry Christmas, happy new year, happy Hanukkah, happy solstice, happy Kwanzaa, and all that jazz, tango, rock, hip hop, rap, country, techno, elevator music, disco, metal, ska, grunge, reggae, house, electronica, jingle, R&B, opera, classical, ditty, folk, etc.


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