Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wouldn't you want to know?

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I was watching the news today
*takes moment to sing "I read the news today - oh boy... about the lucky man who made the grade...*
and they were talking about this new law they're thinking about in the US. The law states that doctors would be allowed to withhold information from their patients if it is against said health professional's religious beliefs. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs and they can do whatever they want with them... but you can't withhold information from a patient. The patient has to make medical decisions based on the information they're given and if they're not given ALL the information they're entitled to, then the patient ends up acting on someone else's beliefs. This is applied to abortion, stem cell research, in-vitro (I think), etc. - those kinds of "life" things.
I believe a person can do whatever they want with their body (within reason, of course). People have to be able to make informed decisions about their bodies and it's the doctor's job to give the patient every detail so they can decide what will be best for them. It's simple: the patient should get all the information they deserve and are entitled to; the doctors don't have to agree with the patient's decision or perform the procedures if it is against their beliefs.

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Sarah said...

Interesting post! I guess the reason why the issue was brought up is that some doctors might have moral/religious issues with abortion etc, and hence not want to perform or promote a procedure like that....(e.g., test results say that the baby will be autistic, or something else serious - the doctor might feel like if he tells the patient, they will get an abortion... ?)
but like you said, the patient should still be able to know all the facts.
so... pass on the patient to another doctor, or something? I dunno.

Ori. said...

I think the patient has to be smart too. But chances are, if they don't know about contraception and the affects of having sex, they're not going to know better than to listen to their doctor and they're not going to get a second opinion. Maybe it's ignorance, or lack of education... it's probably both... If it's that kind of situation.

It's up to the patient to find a doctor who's on the same page as they are, just like it's up to the doctor to tell the patient what they need to know.