Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eech Inspediments & Fun.

Song of the Glob: We're Here For a Good Time (Not a Long Time) by Trooper. song

Dear Globlets,

I'm not really in the mood for highly opinionated glob-posting today so we'll see what we get instead.

I went for a FiOri Day of Extreme Epictude today. It was, as it only always is, fabulous, despite the ever-decreasing epictude of the already-visited Victoria locations. We met downtown at the mall, choosing to meet there thanks to a high dosage of creativity nearly boiling over in the hearts and souls of us both. *cough...* We were faced with a problem that grew worse with each passing minute and growled from within: Hunger. But where to eat? What to eat? Where to eat?! We ask ourselves what we don't want and work from there. It was stated that pasta, sushi and fast-food were out of the question, leaving us with Earl's, Cactus Club Cafe, or Sauce (Bar and Grill).
"Too bad we don't have a three-sided coin," said I.
"Let's ask someone to be the third hand for 'rock, paper, scissors,'" (or something along those lines,) said Fiona.
"Hi, can you 'rock, paper, scissors' with us?" we laughed.
"You can be Earl's," Fiona joked, imagining the response we'd get from a total stranger being asked/told this. No, we didn't do it. Almost did. But I said I was leaning more towards Earl's or Sauce. We ended up at Sauce because Earl's lost with paper, defeated, only naturally, by Sauce's scissors.
I had the same thing I had there last time: a tuna steak sandwich. I thought about getting fish and chips, but for two dollars more I could get something I knew I'd really like. It's like a huge chunk of tuna sashimi with sesame seeds, sauce and bread. I had broccoli-cheddar soup with it. Beats the grease in fries and the consequences of lettuce (-allergy). All very nice. Last time I had the sandwich, I think I liked the sauce better... it had more wasabi, was more spicy... and now that I think about it, it might not have been exactly the same thing, or I'm insane, or both. But this time the fish was more rare and made up for the radishlessness.
After, we left and wandered and emitted particles of sheer Epictude into the world, capturing images just epic enough and truly worthy of capturing... yeah, I'm glorifying the FiOri duo, but just you try and stop me.
We meandered to Vic High, met up with Spiffy, then meandered more to Fernwood and goofed about and then Fiona left and then Spiffy left and then I left... my sanity somewhere between the drycleaner's and the Seven-Eleven, went to Starbie's, got a delicious orange tea that had a wonderfully sweet aftertaste, waited for my mom next to a very nice man, to whom I regretted having not wished a pleasant night, walked home in the cold, dark hour of late 6'clock, convincing myself to not check out the bakery/cafe I'm interested in working in at that time because it was cold and unsunny and freezing and I was tired and it was a finger-numbing, hypothermia-inducing cold, I had to pee and it was a little chilly too. Brisk, you know? Strangely enough, I wasn't hungry to top it off.

That was my day today. I also wore makeup for the first time in a while.

Ori moment of the week:

"Hey look! Somebody has Sesame Street dolls in their window! It's Ert and Bernie!"
After a few seconds, I realized that I made a slight boo-boo in my speech but I couldn't quite figure out what the boo-boo was exactly 'til a few seconds later. Yeah.

I'm off to bed before I have another eech inspediment.



FionaMarie said...

Great day!!! followed by a great night for me hehe=P

and thats me!! haha

Mommet said...

Thank you for being you.

Ori. said...

lol. I try... well, not really actually. :P