Monday, March 2, 2009


Song of the Glob: Red Alert by Basement Jaxx

I just thought I'd post some of best/funniest quotes I've ever... remembered and written down. You can find them on Facebook as well.

In order from most recent to less recent.

I was "dishing the washes" the other day...

Adrian: What the hell? What is that?
Oriana: It's a child, Adrian.

"Oooh! This looks like chocolate! *munch munch munch* :( It's a rock." - Me.

"It was off when I turned it on!" - Me

After establishing which family members were which fruits one morning:
Kim/Me: To recap... you're a strawberry, and I'm a raspberry, and Oriana's a blackberry, and Dziadzius is a huckleberry and Baci is a cranberry, what's Lucy?
Adrian: A coconut.
(Baci and Dziadzius are my grandparents and Lucy is my cat.)

Adrian: I saw an Aston Martin on the way home today. He was the only guy that stopped for me.
Kim: Really? Did you get his number?

Kim: It's not that I'm unhappy; it's just that I'm sad.

Kim: This is my beach. MY beach. Nobody else's! My beach!! Only my beach. Okay, you can have it too.
(She was referring to me, by the way. So it's OUR BEACH! RAWR! You'll never find it anyway...)

Kim: Did you want to get a Caesar?
Oriana: You mean an ORANGE JULIUS.
(Caesar -> Julius Caesar -> Orange Julius... and I understood. <3 )

"Hey, Oriana, what was that movie called? The one about finding Neverland - nevermind." - Kim.

"Look, it's a peasock!" - (or something along those lines) Fiona C., refering to a peacock.

"Mr. Claus, Santa Claus, and Face Claus." - Me & Fiona C... Fiona says "cloths" like "clause" hehe.


FionaMarie said...

ahah fionas speech promblems, which are worse now with braces ahhaha i have yet to say cloths... hmm i wonder what it sounds like

Marcelo said...

Hahaha! Awesome!

Mommet said...

Look! I've been immortalized in the blogosphere! :)

Mommet said...

Actually, I said "Do you want to get a Caesar?"

There was no Julius ...

Ori. said...

Yes, that's true. I'm sorry, I thought I'd changed it. I will now.

Mommet said...

I don't think you need to explain it ;) Make your readers use their brains a bit, lol