Friday, May 29, 2009

If I had a pair, I'd wear sunglasses at night so I could, so I could...

(... keep track of visions in my eyes!)

Dear Globlets,

I'm not supposed to be doing this right now but I keep thinking about it and intend to keep this post brief.

Why, in Cat's mane, is it so hard to get sunglasses? Why do they ALL have to be those big "fashionable" ones? Why can't I just have nice sunglasses that can fit my face but also help protect my eyes from the sun? Even the sporty ones are stupid looking, most of the time. I've been trying on sunglasses everywhere and can't find any decent ones. Plus, I refuse to pay over $25 for a pair. I keep breaking them; why would I pay $300 for sunglasses that will break just as easily as $15 ones, should they get stepped on? My favourite sunglasses that I had a while back were from a dollar store! I dropped them in front of me and CRUNCH! I immediately stepped on them. The ones before that were mauled by a dog, and I think there was another pair but they must not have lasted very long since I can't remember them, and then I found my last pair broken when I took it out of my bag the other day.
The sun gives me a headache if I don't have sunglasses! But I don't want to look like I have fly eyes. Big ones don't work on me! Ask Fi. She'll tell you I look like a dork. I also don't want bright red flashy sunglasses with flames, either. I just want simple ones. Not too big, not too small, not too flashy, not too dull. I don't want to look stupid, basically, is what I'm trying to say. Why is this so hard?

That's it.
I've decided.
I'm going to go buy a visor...

Will breathe like this from now on: KHHHHHHHHkkkk KKHHHHHHHkk KKHHHHHHHHHhhkkk KHHHHHHkk KKHHHHHHHHHk


Displaynamehere said...

You can have mine... They're worth like 200 bucks and I bet they'd look retarded on you...

Mommet said...

This picture is all wrong. It should be a Chinese woman from Dunbar ;)

Ori. said...

Lol, it should be.
And, thanks Sam! :/