Friday, June 26, 2009


Dear Globlets,

Scanning my Facebook friends' status updates, I came across this one that I found exceptionally sweet and loving:

Morgan Djuna Sorais Guion Sometimes I think I am to in love with life, the universe, and everything around me for my own good. I know that I am here to love as the wind loves dancing in the trees, as my cells love breathing in this orchestra of life. We are truly blessed to be alive and dancing within this amazing synchronicity of breathing, alive, love! (So where are you my friends? And where are the snuggles?)

And then I wondered, would a Christian or other religious person ever feel this way? I guess not since they'd thank their lord for these things. Funny how they don't thank him for not being able to find a cure for cancer. I can't say "thank him for cancer" because he didn't have anything to do with that, oh no. That came from man once we tainted ourselves for eternity by eating something.
It's like a dog and its owner:
Owner says, "Don't eat the sausage we're having for dinner!" They leave it in plain sight, accessible to the dog.
The dog eats the sausage. Do you blame it? The messages being sent to the brain telling it of the yummy smell and flavour of the sausage must have tricked it! Satan's doing, no doubt.
So I guess we're just being continuously beaten by a newspaper for "something we did" a long time ago.

Off to work!

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