Monday, June 29, 2009

A Post of Many Posts.

Dear Globlets,

I stand on my tippy-toes a lot. When I'm stirring something in the kitchen or cutting up pecans, for example, I have a tendency to stand on my tippy-toes. I don't really know why. Maybe it would be more comfortable for me to have an extra inch? I wonder if people notice.

One of my problems at work, I am told, is that I don't do certain things as fast as others. Dishes, in particular. I am faster now, I know, but the others are still faster. The problem with being faster, though, is that it's easier to miss things and it's harder to clean accurately. I've found quite a few dishes with food still on them, a hair in a few things, and so on.
Hair is the most repulsive thing you can find on a dish or in your food. It's also un-FoodSafe - staphylococcus and all.
If you do it right the first time, you don't have to do it again and that can save you more time in the long run. The key is to combine speed and accuracy. Hopefully I will. I am getting faster, I know it. It just doesn't always seem like it when you keep having to stop what you're doing.
It sucks when you start doing something, your boss leaves for 5-10 mins, and in the meantime you only get to do a little bit of what you were doing because you had to go help customers, and then when you're finished dealing with customers she comes back and sees you've hardly done anything. But she didn't see the customers...
Oh well.

I got an iPod. Well, I actually got my mom an iPod Touch and she got me an iPod Nano, and that counted as my share of camp payments. I got a red one, not only because the colour is great, but because it only cost a few dollars more to get it online from Apple and by doing this, money is donated to the (RED) Campaign. I had "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!" engraved on it. 16GB and I love it. I'm not used to it though. I took a chance too since I couldn't see the red iPod before I bought it. Colours on the computer screen can be different from the colours in real life. They were, for some of the other iPods I looked at.

I got a new do:

You should have seen how much hair my poor hairdresser had to cut off. I have a lot of hair. He's been a hairdresser for a very long time and he told me that he doesn't think he'd seen so much hair on the floor from a cut. He said he was going to make a carpet out of it, jokingly, of course.
He cut a bit and reminded me of how I have random curly strands of hair. I told him I think curly hair is happy, it makes me happy. You can't think that someone with curly hair is an asshole. If you look at someone like Victoria Beckham who has super straight, layered, short hair, you think she's a total bitch. Curls = happy and fun.
Later, he said to me, "So, Michael Jackson... he uhh... is gone now, eh?"
I said, "Yeah... he kicked the bucket." We kind of looked at each other like, "Well, whatever." Neither of us cared, but we started discussing celebrities and their crazy lifestyles. Then he said the best thing ever:
"They all get involved with the drugs and alcohol and happy pills... all they really need is some curls!" And it was just so cute and perfect.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to write about something but this is long enough, I think.
Off to the shower!


Mommet said...

I have curls :)

Mommet said...

Oh, and you're so right about doing a good job the first time around ... if only more people took that to heart. The next time you find some food or hair or whatever on a dish washed by someone else, point it out to Sarah ... maybe then she'll appreciate your thoroughness. Keep up the good work :)

Tentacleslol said...

You forgot to mention that it was MY IDEA TO GET SHORT HAIR.

No, don't mention me. That's k.

Ori. said...

I was thinking about that after I posted this. I was like, shit, I should ask him if he'd like some credit. So, CREDIT TO YOU. :/ Sorry. It was Tentacles' idea. <3

Beard? ;)