Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I can so I can make sandwiches that will not sell

Dear Globlets,

I can now wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can!
Wow, I look like a bitch in that picture there. Oh well. They're "OuttaMaWayMofo-IGotSomewhereToBeAndIt'sFarAwayFromYouAndYourLittleDogToo! HEHEHEHE!" sunglasses. Still a little big, but not outrageous. Fi should have taken a picture of me wearing hers. Hers are big but look good on her. On HER. NOT me.

Work is tough nowadays.
My shifts have all changed. I'm in the afternoons now: Wed, Thurs & Fri, 3-6; Sat, 8-4:30. Except this week my boss took her first vacation in three years - since she opened Delicado's, her previous business. I've been working 11-4:30 since she left. Saturday is the same. She left on Friday. That day there were three of us working and it was really slow. When we didn't have customers, which was nearly the whole time, we cleaned. The next day, Saturday, I got there at 8 and Br told me that it had been like this all morning. And there was nothing left to clean! We only had a few customers that day... it was bizarre! They were still delicious, though. Nothing beats young, fresh, never-had-alcohol-before livers of human children, my goodness! Fried up with onions... Mmmmmmm...
But really, I could count the number of customers we had just on my fingers and toes. It was probably the worst day for One of a Grind.
This is how slow it was: On Saturdays I make fewer sandwiches than how many are made during the week because it is slowER. I made one of each and two turkey and two ham, I think. Maybe just one ham. The special was Tuna Melt so I didn't make any tuna. Guess which sandwiches sold? Two/three tuna SANDWICHES that I had to specially make and a day-old roast beef. Which means I took home ALL the sandwiches that I made that day. Lunch was better. It was what the morning should have been more like and then doubled for lunch. Maybe tripled.

Long hours and breaks are stupid. Half an hour is way too long, especially when it's slow. But then I'm exhausted anyway. And I have to miss going-away parties for epic people that I love. :( Oh well. I still like it! Even though I fail all the time.

Also, shoes SUCK. Flip-flops hurt when walking up/down hills or when walking fast, and shoes with backs cut up the skin above the heel! And frankly, cute summer dresses + comfy hiking shoes = notsogood. I already push those with shorts and capris. Oy vey...!


Displaynamehere said...

I like how you continue to not make posts about me. It makes me feel special and fuzzy.

That picture is scary, it looks like you want to bite my cock off... O.o

Ori. said...

Awww, shnookums! Well... what shall I write?

Displaynamehere said...

About how much you lurve me <3