Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ass'oles d'jour.

Dear Globlets,

I'm really pissed off at the Distance Ed. people again. Every minute I have to deal with them is agonizing. I can't wait until I can be rid of them. It's good incentive: the faster I work through school stuff, the sooner I'll be free from these people.
I make them sound horrible. They are, though! Evil, truly. Why? Because they tell you to proofread your work and check for grammatical and spelling errors in your work and they make you do exercises and assignments to prove you're literate and your writing is legible and they grade you, of course... while there are massive typos spilt throughout the English website. Then they expect you to respect them and take them seriously? I feel like editing all of the pages and handing that in saying, "You got a C- in English 11. Next time check your work before you hand it in." You have no idea how much this pisses me off. Maybe you do. I understand when young people use bad English, but when adults do it it makes me want to... I don't know... tie them down to a chair and teach them how to spell. They just don't care; if they don't care, why should I? I do.

Right now I'm dealing with my counsellor and his substitute. Technically I should have graduated this year but I still have a few courses I need to complete before I can be considered at UVIC. One of those courses is Social Studies 11. I haven't taken SS10 because it sounds retarded and I don't need it unless I'm getting a Dogwood which I'm not. I simply registered for SS11 and my counsellor asks me if I plan to take SS10 before I take SS11, which initially is a stupid question seeing as I registered for SS11, not 10. I suppose it's his job to ask and I told him no, just SS11. I asked if it was mandatory to take SS10 before SS11 or if it's just recommended, already knowing the answer. "HIGHLY recommended because SS11 builds on SS10," which it doesn't really because we checked the curriculum. I'm sure some of it is attached but it's a different era I would learn about altogether.

He also asked me if I was going to complete Planning10 and Math10... PLANNING10? PLANNING10?! It's a little late for that. I told them I disenrolled from that! And they're wondering about these courses now? You'd think they'd have wondered about them when I was still in grade 10, when I still had time to deal with them, and not when I would have already graduated. I told him I disenrolled from the courses.
Then I was transferred to the sub because my counsellor is going on holiday 'til mid-August.
I told the new guy that I'm not planning on getting my Dogwood, which I've told counsellors and teachers in the past, and that I'd like to get on my SS11 soon so I'm not 85 by the time I'm done high school... except nicely. He got all, "What do you mean you're not getting a Dogwood!? How will you survive?! You can't do that! Education = Dogwood! Piece of paper! What are you going to do?! You need to take grade 10 courses before you take grade 11 courses because I'm pretty sure 10 comes before 11 regardless of the fact you're in 'O-Grade 13' now and ohmigoodness!"

You know, as distance ed. teachers and counsellors, you'd think they'd have more information on post-secondary and alternative education. They've been trained to do everything by the books and by the standard school system despite the fact they offer distance ed. - an alternative. It's not surprising, it's just sad and it pisses me off.
As counsellors they should be aware of all the options and I think they should care a little more about the students. I really do.


Mommet said...

I feel your pain, hon.

But then I had a thought ... maybe we should look into Open University or whatever that school is called. Here, I found the link:

If you go elsewhere, FVDES loses funding they're getting now on your behalf ... it really is in their best interest to let you take the courses you want to take. And just because something is "highly" recommended it does not mean you must take it.

Tentacleslol said...


It'll be over soon babe.

I love you.