Thursday, December 17, 2009

Excuses from the Living Dead.

Dear Globlets,

I'm not dead, I swear! I've got so many ideas for posts but for some reason they never seem to make it on here. I'm really excited about some of them... I want to write about them. I don't know why I don't.
I'm at my mom's workplace again. There are few distractions here, let me tell you.

I'd been working pretty hard on some English stuff for a while and it's come down to the end of a pretty good module. Yes, a module I somewhat enjoyed. Only now I have a literary essay I need to write as a last assignment on The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. Essays are okay things to write and my English teacher says I have "a knack for literary analysis." I can't say I particularly enjoy it but if he thinks I'm good at it then... yay. However, for the essay, I'm not sure where to begin. I've been letting it simmer in my brain for a while and I think the words are about ready to come out... Now all I have to do is sit down and do it, despite its scary required length which probably seems longer in my head than it actually is. (1000-2000 words? I'll double-check and update the number accordingly.)
Actually, I just tested on Word how long it would have to be and if it's 2000 words, then it's three pages approximately. But I can do it. It may be the longest thing I've written for school but I've got to do it. I shouldn't let it simmer too long... There will be a point at which it won't taste any better the longer it's in the pot.

I've decided to separate this post into two shorter posts for two reasons:
1. To spare you from "having" to read devastatingly long glob-novels and
2. To make it seem like I post more
*insert sneaky face here*

I also may be getting kicked off shortly because I'm using my mom's computer and she went to have cake or something and will be back soon.
But isn't that typical. Typical government workers... Slacking off. Working hard at hardly working!

She's back. I'm gone.

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Ori. said...

You daft prick.

It's 1000-1200... so... yeah. Good job. Pissing yourself for nothing. The teachers don't have the kind of time to read something 2000 words long!