Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All New and Exciting!

Dear Globlets,

If you hadn't noticed, there are now a few tabs at the top of the page. Right there ^
Under the header. The first one next to Home, titled "Food for the Yumz," is where I will upload pictures of recent food creations. On occasion I will post the recipe in a regular blog post, like I did with the mango pie. It's subject to frequent change so check it out often. I'm not sure if there will be some sort of notification method for the new Page add-on, so just keep checking.
The other one is an idea from my previous blog on FirstClass. It is a list called "Good vs. Evil" and consists of things I am for and against. There isn't much there now but as time goes on, the list will grow and hopefully become more entertaining.

You can leave comments (and questions/suggestions) on the pages and I encourage you to do so! :)

There might be more pages to come if I find something interesting enough to put up. But for now, commence the droolage and visit Food for the Yumz!

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