Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work. Hello Boys!

Dear Globlets,

I cannot tell you how displeased I am with my absence of late. I do not do it on purpose and if I had my way I would write about atheistic ideas, bleeding body parts, food, my boyfriend, everyday complaints and depressing shit all the time, but alas, I haven't the time. I apologize.

Why, you may ask, have I not the time? Well, I would reply, maybe if you didn't interrupt my globulating... I COULD TELL YOU!
What an asshole.

It has been too long. Let me bring you up to speed:

I have a job working for the UBC School of Environmental Health. I call daycare centres to see if they're willing to help us get the info about or survey to the parents of their kids who will then sign a consent form saying they are willing to participate in the survey which is being conducted because the environmental standards for soil are under evaluation and we need to find out how much time kids under 6yrs. spend in dirt.

It's going well, for the most part. Completely out of my comfort zone, it may be, but I still call plenty of centres and meet with strangers to talk about the survey. I am what they call a "research assistant," and I do it because they pay well. And rightly so. I have to deal with some interesting people who are not always the most kind, which you may think strange seeing as they deal with children every day. However, when I call, it may seem like I'm a telemarketer and so it's easy to forget that I'm a human being too... which telemarketers, of course, are not. The foreign ones are the worst; stay far away from them, boys and girls. Actually, dealing with children may be the cause of their attitudes.

I had a rough day today. Nothing was going well. Every centre I called told me to call back later or call back tomorrow or refused to answer after they told me to call back at a certain time, and the only one that agreed to even listen to me turned out to be located in a different place than what I had written on my list. I called the number I had for the original Hillside location which is close enough to walk to, but the man told me to contact some other woman and he gave me her number. That's the number I called today. What he failed to mention (I suppose he didn't feel it mattered) was that the location was halfway up to the ferries which is 2-3 buses away. Not only are the many bus rides long, but if I took the second bus to get there by 11:00, the next one comes 3 hours later. This would mean I would be stuck in the middle of nowhere, next to the "Red Barn," which is a small market, for 3 long hours. Luckily, Friday is my mom's flex day and she has kindly offered to drive me there (and hopefully back. I wonder if I should simply assume that this is included in the deal.) Even though the appointment is for Thursday, I will call the woman, who sounded nicer than most, and see about rescheduling.

As for previous centres I've visited, many have agreed to assist us. I've gone to them, presented the survey and left the letters which they will distribute to the parents. Unfortunately there have not been many takers and no consent forms have been returned as far as I know. Sad face.
Still, I will go on, spreading the news of soil-standard-evaluating and digging at your mind to find out the level of involvement your child has in dirt. Ole'.

In my mind I felt the Ole' was appropriate. I hope it does in yours too.

And so ends the first step to what I hope will be a long line of semi-consistent globulations from yours truly. Goodnight.

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Ori. said...

Actually, no, it wasn't because of that guy. That's a different centre. I just had the wrong address. Yippee.