Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soulful, Soulless Non-Soldier + I like this 12

Song of the Glob: "I've Got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier" by The Killers

Dear Globets,

I like this:
"You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you." - Eric Hoffer

This made me think of a particular woman who came up to me last week asking about school, which led to her interrogating me about home-schooling and my post-secondary future. I know I haven't written about it yet, (although I have an unfinished draft) but because I'm registered at Camosun College I have been very excited and pleased that I finally have a good answer to certain questions that most people ask me. They typically range from "Are you in high school?" to "What school do you go to?" Before now, I could have lied and said I was going to "This" High School and am in the 12th grade. It's too bad that if I'm not prepared to do it, telling a lie doesn't come easy to me. I should have had a response thought up and memorized prior to leaving the house, perhaps, but I never remembered to. I often regretted it and so I dreaded being asked any questions regarding my school business.

I couldn't just say, "Oh, I'm home-schooled," because that's what I did and that was no good. It's not as simple as you might think. You get looked at strangely, people say, wide-eyed, "Oh REALLY!?" and you get interrogated, just like I was the other day, even though I thought I was finally past that. Although I do not always agree with her points of view on the topics she writes about, Idzie often writes great, and true things about home/un-schooling. (I'm not sure if that's the exact post I was looking for, but she does talk about some of what I mentioned - Read the 5th paragraph.)

As home/un-schoolers, we get asked things like:
  • "Do you plan to go to high school?" [No.]
  • "Why not?" [I don't like the kind of environment I would have to be in.]
  • "What about high school don't you like? The drugs, alcohol...?" The best response to this one is [That's part of it, but what about high school did you like? What about high school did you dislike?] The Interrogating Woman asked me this one and I wish I had replied with this answer.
  • "How will you get to university or college?" [There are other means of getting into a post-secondary school. I don't need a Dogwood Diploma.] Mind you, it would make things simpler... but I think I'm a better person because I didn't go through high school.
  • "But you have to take provincial exams, don't you? I mean, they're provincial!" [Nope.]
  • "Going to college? Won't you have trouble learning in the class?" [It's not the class that I have a problem with, it's the kinds of, and mentality of, the people in high school.]
  • "How do you make friends?" [By... other... means...?]
  • "Did your mom teach you?" [My mom works full-time.]
  • "How does your mom find the time to teach you?" [She doesn't. But if I need help she'll help me.]
  • "Wow. You must be so independent and disciplined. I couldn't do what you do." [It's just about wanting to learn.] Eventually, you'd get bored if you just lazed about all day. You learn about things you're interested in. You get better at the things you love to do. You do it your way.

Interrogating Woman asked me most of these things. It isn't fair of people to do this. It puts us in an awkward position. When I'm in that position I often get flushed, annoyed, and hope that some kind-hearted soul will save me from this jerk as soon as possible.

My name is Oriana. Some people call me Ori. Others call me Nani, Orianuszu, Orianita, Oppet, and so on. My name is NOT Google. Nobody EVER calls me Wikipedia. I've never gone by the name Internet and I would never respond to Library. If you want to know more about home/un-schooling, please consult those that go by these names. Please do not unexpectedly drill me for information I cannot always effectively articulate. Drill Google. As my mom regularly says, Google is your friend. If you drill Google for hours and you click on countless links and read tons of articles and essays on any subject, Google will not hate or resent you. If you do that to me, however, I would hate you. I would. You can ask me about how I get my education, you can ask me about home-schooling, but you cannot interrogate me.

I am not a soldier. I do not do things the same way everyone else does in the exact way they tell me to. I am different. Everyone is different from each other. High school is a place where they treat all people the same way; they treat them like soldiers. They also teach based on the lowest common denominator. They do everything the same way at the same time. There is so much room for rumours, gossip, violence, verbal abuse, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, general immaturity, and irrationality, that learning becomes almost secondary. It's no wonder there is so little room for independence and critical thinking in a high school - two things that should be taught and encouraged the most.

First they tell you exactly what to do and how to do it and when to do it by, then you go to college or university and OH NOES! You have to think for yourself.


Mommet said...

I love you. And I'm very proud of you. And any time you feel like sending those interrogators to me, I'll be happy to answer all their stupid questions.

I noticed that quote this morning too and thought about my father. Now, there is a blog and a half. Or 10.

Ori. said...


No kidding.