Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Is rape really that bad?"

Dear Globlets,

If you can stomach it, here is a post I found extremely disturbing, but also very telling of the kinds of religious people you can quite easily find: http://www.iamanatheist.com/blog/2010/05/12/rape-not-so-bad/
"But is rape really that bad? It’s a horrible experience but you get over it with time."
"I think any woman would easily tell you that a painful divorce is worse than rape but it’s not an excuse to kill your baby, so why is rape?

Christian women can also take a lot more than atheist women."
Yeah, I would totally take RAPE over a BAD DIVORCE...
I'm going to run that by you again.
I would rather get RAPED than go through a BAD DIVORCE.
I would rather have a complete stranger or family member shove their dick in me without my consent than spend money on lawyers and time in court, fighting my ex-to-be.

I'm being sarcastic, I hope you realize.

This person's comments surprise me, yet they do not. They surprise me because I simply don't expect people to think this way, but at the same time they don't surprise me because a wilfully corrupt mind will continue to accept corrupt ideas. Reason doesn't have a part in corruption.

I want to say, "I can't believe people like this exist," but I do. I have to. I don't think we should ignore the ignorance of people because that makes it okay for them to be ignorant. Ignorance is not the correct response to ignorance; education is.

Do Christians/Catholics think it is unfair, wrong or immoral when they find out about things like this, where innocent people, women and children are harmed or killed because of their religion (Islam)? Or do they understand it because the bible insists on numerous immoral behaviours just like the qur'an does? Read the fourth comment on the post for a couple of examples. Here's another: "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death" (Leviticus 20:13). Nobody likes the gays, but everybody likes their fashion knowledge and decorating skill...

Christians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims are all in the same boat and they're paddling their way against the current of evolution. They're not moving forward, but they're not moving back much. They are stuck and happily so. However, they don't realize that there are more holes in their religions than they can attempt to fix, especially when they have to keep paddling. The holes keep coming, too. They can paddle and scramble to patch the holes with their scotch-tape clear claims all they want, but it won't last forever. Their boat is sinking. Perhaps not as fast as it should, but it is nevertheless. The best part about Atheism is that we're going with the current. We are moving on from religion, we are moving past religion, we are leaving it behind as it sinks to sleep with the fishes. Even so, there will always be room in our boat for people who grow tired of paddling against the current and wish to accept the truth, the rationality and the forward-thinking that comes with a lack of religion.

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