Friday, June 25, 2010


Dear Globlets,

I watched this video, titled "Driving Driving Driving," on Idzie's Blog:

I really liked it. Maybe if we were allowed to get hysterical sometimes, we would stand up for what's right. Maybe we'd gain a better understanding of the consequences of the stupid things we do. Maybe we wouldn't be so afraid of what might be, but afraid of what is instead, and therefore more likely to do something about it. Why shouldn't we get hysterical? A little bit of hysteria in the world might help us put things in perspective. I think a little hysteria might do us some good. I'd rather be aware of all the bad stuff than live ignorantly in bliss. I'd rather be aware of it and work towards a happy planet than live ignorantly, thinking it already is happy.

The way we're living right now isn't working.

More on this topic later...

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