Sunday, August 8, 2010


Dear Globlets,

Is it too soon to start inviting people to my birthday party? I'll be 19 on September 20th. Next year will be good too. I'll be 20 on the 20th! Too bad I wasn't born in 2000. :( I bet somebody was, though! This is very exciting for me right now and something tells me it really isn't to anybody else. But just think! To have your 20th birthday on the 20th day of any month in 2020! And if they had 20/20 vision. I think if I knew a person who was like this my head would explode. That would be very exciting - the head explosion as well as the 20/20/2020/20/20. Too bad we only have 12 months and not 20. :(

Do I need to get out more?


- Manservant
- White pants FOR manservant

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