Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love Lucy No.1 + ZooBorns.

Dear Globlets,

I love ZooBorns:

I also love Lucy:
I love her even though she sleeps on my pillow so that when I wake up in the morning, my eyes and nose are full of Lucy furs and I am greeted with all the allergy symptoms I could possibly get. Yes, I am allergic to cats and yet I live with one. (Note: We do not OWN Lucy; she owns us.)

She's kind of strange, but then again, so are we. I guess we're just perfect for each other.

I think I'd like to introduce a new segment... I mean, oh, let's say, Globument, to my Glob. It'll be called "I love Lucy" and will consist of Lucyfurian things, presented in a way similar to the "I like this" Globuments.

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