Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, I am Pro-Life.

Dear Globlets,

Pro-life. "Pro-life" like I could be "pro-death," "anti-life."

But I am pro-life. I am pro-life in that I believe in protecting the quality of life of the woman who gets pregnant from a rape. I believe in protecting the quality of life of the young girl who gets raped by her own father. I believe in protecting the life of the child that would likely be traumatic and/or very difficult due to having been born to an abusive family, to no family, or to a mother who was too young or naive or poor, or all of the above, to provide for the child the things he/she would need to have a decent childhood, even if it meant protection via the prevention of the birth of said child.

At the same time, I believe that if a woman finds herself pregnant and in a difficult situation, three months, the first trimester, should be ample time to determine whether or not she is capable of raising a child. At three months, the foetus is about three inches long and weighs about an ounce.

You're not pro-life if you're anti-abortion, you're anti-choice. And you're not promoting the killing or murdering of babies if you're pro-choice, especially since they're not actually babies, you're promoting the option for women to choose to end their pregnancies before the foetus is even close to being developed.

Whose decision is it to have or not to have an abortion?
Is it the government's? Is it the woman's mother's? Is it her pastor's? Her priest's? The bible's? Is it her husband's or her lover's? Is it her doctor's? Is it society's?
No. It's the woman's decision. It's her decision because it's her body and it would be her responsibility to bear and raise the child.

Today I heard a politician in a debate say something brilliant directed to anti-abortion supporters who are for it even in cases of rape - incestuous and otherwise. It went along these lines: "If you make abortion illegal, who goes to jail?"

It's as though "pro-life" supporters are more concerned about keeping an unborn, uncooked, non-baby, foetus in the oven regardless of the health problems it could cause during the pregnancy or postpartum, regardless of the difficulties the mother would face attempting to raise the child, and regardless of the difficulties the child would have if it was born. They are more concerned about what could be than what is and what would be, and somehow that's moral.

I am pro-life in that I believe in protecting the life along with the rights and freedoms that all women are entitled to.

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