Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holy Shit, Bitching, and other Curses

Dear Globlets,

Holy shit:

This is mindblowing technology. This is also rather terrifying. It's great for good guys, but it would be good for bad guys too in a bad way. This will tie in nicely with the globulation I'm going to post soon about technology. I wrote it, initially, for my morning pages (which I'm done with, finally!) for ENG154, but along with many other morning pages, I found it quite globulative.

Is Blogger going to let me schedule this post? It's been very frustrating lately because it's not letting me right now.

I think I'm going to go paint my and my mom's toes now. I can't believe I don't have a bright red anymore. Ugh. I looked at them too. I was at Shoppers and the red nailpolishes caught my eye, as if my subconscious was telling me that I should be purchasing one of them. I'm kind of sleepy though. And I feel funny. And Tentacles said something that I'm completely overreacting to. Obviously, I'm not really reacting to it but I perceived it weirdly and I've gotten emotional over it in a negative way, which is rather silly. And it's silly that I know it's silly but I still feel pissed off. Now he's going to ask me what it was and that he didn't mean it that way and I'll tell him I know because, obviously, I do. But still. (See?)

In other bitchings, there is something wrong with me/my keyboard. I don't understand how this is even possible. I've had my computer for quite a while now but only as of late, when I type, has the cursor done weird things. It moves and clicks on a different part of the page, which sometimes results in my typing on my desktop and therefore producing nothing, or it goes to a different part of the page I'm writing, or it'll select a part of a paragraph that I will then proceed to eliminate by typing a single letter, or the worst one... where it'll click outside of a text field on a webpage and then I hit BACKspace. Which means that unless the webpage is courteous enough to ask me if I really want to change pages after writing 3,000 words, everything will be lost because it simply goes back to the previous page. And the forward button will not make your 3,000 words show up in the text field again. That really only happens in Facebook, but all I can say is Thank Lucy for Ctrl+Z. I cannot even tell you how many times my cursor was displaced while I bitched about my cursor being displaced. Actually, that sentence might have been the only one where that did not happen. Now I'm just being super careful. I shouldn't have to be. (Jinxed it).

Are my fingers fatter? Is the mousepad on my laptop more sensitive all of a sudden? What do I do? I've already trained myself to not hit BACK when I'm texting in T9 on my cell phone (because it deletes EVERYTHING unless you're very careful, but you're always screwed if a text is coming in at the same time anyway). I don' want holy shit I almost just left this page. DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? Probably not. AGH! And it just went into the "Labels for this post" field.

Right. So. I can do crazy shit with that video-mapping software thingamabobber but I can't type without my cursor displacements causing me to eliminate or misplace words that I write. And I swear I don't touch the pad, but it seems to think I do, but I don't mean just touch. I mean it clicks. I don't care if it moves around and dances and prances and donner and vixens! Wait, it's Blitzen. I always think it's vixen but I'm pretty sure Santa keeps that reindeer to himself. I DO care, however, when the cursor displacement fucks me up.

For example:
Currently in the "Labels for this post" field: aing re ni ME
I'm not kidding, Globlets.
OH! OH! Now it says: aing re ni s - just because I wrote the above sentence.

I'm going to go bald soon, aren't I?

Man, that felt good. RAWRAWRAWRAWR.

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Ori. said...

Example of cursor douchebagery:

"bay oriacentre vict"