Saturday, November 13, 2010

In favour of the Rent is Too Damn High Party.

Dear Globlets,

I just added "globlets" to my dictionary.

In other news,

(Click to enlarge) (Teehee, if only it was that easy, eh boys? Well, sometimes it is.)

The rent may be too damn high, but so are our wages. $8 minimum wage in BC, baby. Lowest in the country. Victoria. Vancouver. Expensive places to live in. I think we're rather comparable to Ontario and Quebec, although I might be wrong.


Alberta $8.80
BC $8.00
Manitoba $9.50
New Brunswick $9.00
Newfoundland $10.00
NWT $9.00
Nova Scotia $9.65
Nunavut $10.00
Ontario $10.25
PEI $9.00
Quebec $9.50
Saskatchewan $9.25
Yukon $8.93


Did you enjoy my transition words followed by the picture/table as much as I did? I hope so.

The crucial numbers you'll see in the first image indicate how much I'd need to work to be able to live on my own. To survive, I'd need to earn $800. $800 means I'd need to work 20 hours per week at $10/hour. It'd be a miracle if I found a job that paid more than that. Now, tell me when I'd fit school in there and how I'd pay for it. Tell me when I'd fit life/friends/etc. in there and how I'd pay for that. Mhmm.

The secret code in the excel spreadsheet makes sense, doesn't it?

My options are:

Go to school full time and live at home.
Go to work full time and live alone.

Yay, life.

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