Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you, Crayola.

Dear Globlets,

My friend, Kay, asked me what I was thankful for today. (She is SUCH an American! Who celebrates Turkey day in MOVEMBER*?) I don't actually recall holy crap it's late being asked that in the past - maybe in elementary school, but that was a while ago and I definitely bullshitted and said something stupid like, "I'm thankful for my favourite Jungle Green crayon, my friends, and horses." However, I am still thankful for that crayon. I never liked the colour green but somehow this crayon made it to my top-crayons list. #1! And there never was enough Peach to go around, was there? You always had to settle for Yellow, or worse: Orange or Pink, when drawing people. As a photographer, I now never experience this problem.

Although it did not include crayons, the quick list of things I made in response to Kay's question went like this:
I am thankful for not being a turkey.
I'm thankful for my education and the ability to question things without discouragement or punishment.
I'm thankful for everyone I know, especially my family, and for the experiences I've had throughout my life.
I'm thankful for not being born in a culture where religion and superstition restrict my life and/or freedoms as an individual.
I am thankful for my vagina.
I'm thankful for being abnormal; "normal people" scare the shit out of me and make me weep for the future of humanity. The coolest people I know are abnormal.

I just thought I'd share.

Maybe I never thought about what I'm thankful for... like... on purpose... because I was too busy appreciating it in other ways. I never sat down and declared to my family or to strangers what I'm thankful for because it's not just one day that I'm thankful for these things. It's every day. This sounds like the kind of bullshit you'd write in response to a school assignment titled, "Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?" but I mean it. I don't have to sit and think about it because I know I'm lucky every damn day I'm alive, even during these cold, slushy, wintery Canadian autumns when I'm wishing I could be thousands of kilometres away... (Who's a good Canadian using the metric system? I am! I am! Yes, I am!) ...getting a tan. If you knew how pasty-white my legs were, you would understand my pain.

My brother is two rooms away and I can hear him snoring. Really loudly.

Come to think of it, I am thankful for Lucy not having crazy Simon eyebrows.

People always say they're thankful for their family, even when they're not. I am, though. But they know it. And I know it too - every single day. I love them.

No, this was not me kissing ass by demonstrating my ability to be a wonderful daughter/sister/granddaughter/person/thing attempting to get totally rad Christmas presents this year, because I really just want socks. I'm not even kidding. Normal ones. Not fuzzy ones. I have TONS of those.

And a nice apartment downtown. - A loft, preferably. And, of course, a manservant.

That's all I need to be happy: a loft, a manservant, and socks. That shouldn't be too hard to get, right?

*More on Movember to come... probably.

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