Monday, December 13, 2010

Course Selection.

Dear Globlets,

When I went to register for my winter courses, I (along with many others, it seems) was extremely disappointed with the selection of Creative Writing courses offered. I wanted to take second year Fiction (ENG254), Non-Fiction (ENG152), and Scriptwriting (ENG158), but the only course they offered of those was Non-Fiction, and it was the ONLY Non-Fiction course and was even added late. I jumped on it while I still could, but there was some problem with my money going through and it took slightly too long and if it hadn't, I would have gotten in the course right away, but, unfortunately, I ended up second on the waiting list.

As I've said before, I'd been on the waiting list (I was fourth) when I took ENG092 in the summer, and I got in quite easily, but this was different. I only registered for two courses and waitlisted for this one, meaning that if I didn't get in, I would lose my status as a full time student and need to register for another course ASAP. Since I didn't want that, I decided to cover my ass today and switch around my Intro to Lit. (ENG160) class around so I could squeeze in Philosophy: Logic and Critical Thinking. This way, I'd still have three courses and could just drop one if I couldn't do all four.

So, I went to see how my waitlisted status for ENG152 was looking.
"You are currently not waitlisted for any courses."
... Como?
I scrolled down to see what this could mean.

Registered Sections

o 2011 Winter ART180 Modern Art History
o 2011 Winter ENG152 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
o 2011 Winter ENG160 Introduction to Literature


"ENG152?! Is it really you?!" Click. "It is! It's really you! I'm registered!"
That's how it went, pretty much. There was even cheesy music playing and everything. It was beautiful. I teared up.

I am so happy that I got in. I would have been devastated if I didn't get in. That would have meant taking three other courses I hadn't anticipated taking. Phew!


English courses currently being offered:

35 ENG150 Composition courses (Mind you, everyone has to take this course, so it makes sense to have a lot of them.)
12 ENG160 Introduction to Literature
1 ENG152 Nonfiction - There are eleven people waitlisted right now.
2 ENG154 Fiction
1 ENG156 Poetry
0 Scriptwriting
0 ENG254 Second-year Fiction

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