Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Old Year, Happy New Year.

Dear Globlets,

Happy New Year! What did you do in the Old Year, 2010?

I... broke up with Sp after being with him for a year, became friends with him again, then we had a fight and "broke up" again, then gave it another chance, then "broke up" one last time... because I made plans with friends on a day he wanted to see me.
I became better friends with Sh.
A second chance of some form of acquaintanceship/friendship with Sk has presented itself thanks to her.
I made some wonderful friends and have found myself feeling like I belong to a group of nice people who all get along. Yay MOHM!
I got drunk. A couple of times. But the last time was the worst... I lost track of how many glasses I'd had and didn't have any water throughout the evening, but I woke up without a hangover! Instead, I had a very mild headache that went away as soon as I took an ibuprofen... and proceeded to vomit for the entirety of that day. This is no exaggeration. But it was no hangover, it was alcohol poisoning, and it was enough to make me never want to drink that much again.
I got into college and completed my first semester with straight As.
I wrote a twenty page short story that I intend to turn into a novel.
I globulated more.
I freakin' turned 19.
I got into my car, turned the ignition, drove out of the driveway, onto a real-live street(!), let go of the brake, pressed the gas pedal, and drove. I even signaled and turned left and right and shit.
I learned more about myself and what kind of behaviour/people I'm willing to put up with.
I started watching True Blood and became addicted to it.
I got a crush on the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith.
I bitched a lot.
I made manjar.
I had a Chilean food party for my birthday and made empanadas.
I bought a beautiful pair of Mary Janes.
I did not go to Oregon. :(
I kissed Lucy a lot.
I got a really good job, was not paid for 7 months, and now they've sent me a couple of cheques but still have to pay me for the work I did after the summer. However, I did learn how to be better with people - in person and on the phone.
I. got. a. red. bra. Two of them. Three of them, actually, if you include my red one with black lace.
I ROWED. Like, in a boat. And raced. And was awesome. With my mom. Go Rowing Stones!

In 2011, I plan to...
get my L.
get into UVic.
pwn in all my courses.
upgrade my math.
get a new job.
bitch a lot more.
bake a lot of pies.
give Lucy a lot of kisses.
kill a lot of zombies.
take more pictures.
write more stories.
more more more more newer newer newer newer better better better better.

During my last shower of 2010, the following occurred...
Me: MOM! Help! Help! Help! Can you pass me the skin cleanser please?
Mom: Sure. Here. Anything else?
Me: A piƱa colada!
Figured it was worth a try.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Last song played in 2010 (and quite a good one for the time, chosen randomly by my iPod):

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