Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve-Day.

Dear Globlets,

My mom and I split a bottle of champagne: Asti. Soooo goooood! We got... a little... happy. It was a very funny first few minutes of 2011; I enjoyed it. We also coloured in penguins and snowmen - ornaments for our Christmas tree!

Btw, how stupid is it to colour in a snowman? Seriously. What colour do you THINK I'm going to colour his body? So I coloured his hat and his scarf and the little bird that somehow rested on his scarf, which I assume covered his shoulder.

While my mom and I were colouring and giggling and reenacting scenes from Doctor Who with Daleks using the wiry champagne cap thing and a lighter, and saying things like, "First burp of the year! YAY!!!" ... the rest of the world was getting drunk. Wait, we were drunk. Okay, the rest of the world was getting shitfaced! And partying. We were partying too, in our own way. I prefer our way. Vomit-free, creepyguy-free, cold-free, happily. It was a successful New Year's Eve-Day.

How did you spend yours?

(Picture found at Skepchick.)

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