Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear Globlets,

Yesterday I started to get my sit-up routine going again and today I found my mom sharing a link to this website... and going through the content of the site is excruciating.

But then I came across this one:

What the fuck? What am I supposed to think about this? This is weirding me out, globlets. I globulate. These are globulations. Whowhyforwhatpurposehow is there the word "globulate" in someone's iPhone spellcheck? o.O

But apparently I might have the power to ruin Christmas! Woohoo!

Scary times are these, my globlets. This probably has something to do with the government controlling and watching everything you do. Everything has to do with the government watching you for their secret extremist agendas. You have no privacy. The IRS, CIA, NBA, NRA, NHL, FIFA, and even NASA all know when your bowel movements occur. They're controlling your bowel movements by applying taxes to the things you know and love! Like bran.


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