Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purse Logic.

Dear Globlets,

Kn posted this link on Facebook the other day:

It's not very funny, but it got me thinking...

If I had a big ass purse, I'd get myself a leprechaun, just so that when people look at my big ass purse, thinking, "Fuck, bitch, that's a big ass purse," I can look at them and say, "Please, fool. I gotta keep my leprechaun somewhere!" And then it would jump out of the bag and attack them. Haha! Yeah...

But until then I'll stick to my small/medium-sized purses. Wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, lactase enzyme pills (you know, to combat the whole vomiting post-milk-consumption thing), and a pen.

And the big-ass-pursed fools will look at me thinking, "Damn, she must have a mighty small leprechaun."

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