Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fix me, Doc, even though there's nothing wrong.

Dear Globlets,

I'm writing my ART180 paper (with a page count that scares the shit out of me) and I've come upon this website that investigates photo manipulation throughout history. How handy. That's exactly what I'm writing about.

And while I totally disagree with things like this:

I don't have a problem with things like this:

One is an outright lie and the other is altered to... perhaps be more aesthetically pleasing, but also to remove the distracting and potentially comedic pole. It doesn't take anything out of the image that should be there, but that's not Oprah's body.

And the image on the left is not one of Faith Hill's body:

There's a line that should not be crossed.


Newt said...

The strange thing is that, on the last one, I was confused why they put the less attractive version on the cover and then I was like oh...OH. Ugh.

Ori. said...

I know, right? Because her arm looks like an ARM! Madness.