Monday, March 14, 2011


Dear Globlets,

For my Creative Nonfiction class...
The blog assignment for this week:
Write 3 separate pieces of 100 words exactly, on these topics: horses, the ocean, coffee. Edit, trim, polish them so that there is not a word out of place, so that every word counts. Find a motif (a colour, an image, an idea) that ties all three together and include it in every piece.
I'm not sure I did too well, but I did enjoy this assignment. I like the idea of using random things and combining them into one. If I had a higher word count, and maybe if I wrote it as fiction, I could come up with some cool things. I'll definitely be taking a note of this assignment and consider using it as future writing criteria for myself.

Her feet lead her out of bed straight to the kitchen. Without coffee, her brain will try to escape out her ears in search of a body that will nourish it correctly: a caffeine withdrawal headache. Her right hand lifts from her side to hold the kettle under the tap as her left hand flicks the water on. Generous scoops of hot chocolate powder and hazelnut-flavoured instant coffee mix with boiled water in a Starbucks mug. A splash of lactose-free milk makes it creamy. She sips her sweet coffee, her sweet morning obsession. “I’ve got to fix the espresso machine.”
Her bedroom was a deep blue-green. The Little Mermaid was the best movie; Aqua was the best band. She had a golden seahorse-shaped locket. She knew a shimmer in the ocean followed by a splash meant there’d been a mermaid. She collected sea shells and pebbles, and crab shells too until she found out empty old ones reeked. She flipped over rocks, unafraid of capturing live crabs. Flat stones were to be skipped regardless of smoothness. She let the waves weave around her ankles and the sand swallow her feet. “Just five more minutes, mom! Just five more minutes, please!”
She eyed her friends’ My Little Pony figurines. She wept when she got a bicycle and not a pony for her birthday, but she rode it to visit Snowflake. Her friend had pony rides at her birthday party, but her eyes itched and watered and her nose leaked after one lap. Beautiful plastic stallions kicked squeaky Barbie to the corner, leaving her to a rotten little brother. She brushed their manes, applied their bridles, and fastened their saddles in preparation. They trotted around the bedroom in search of teddy bears in distress. “Not so fast, Barbie! We’ve got you now.”

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