Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger/Everything is horrible when you're packing.

Dear Globlets,

Blogger is back! Yes!

This is what I've been doing since it's been down:

Blogger has decided to decrease the frame size of posts, so now videos don't fit without size customization and Reactions don't at all. Yes!

This is a post I made while Blogger was down:

Dear Globlets,

Blogger is down right now, and it is terrible. It reminds me of that day not too long ago when Facebook was down. I think I spent ten minutes straight hitting the refresh button, and Blogger being down is nothing compared to that day. It was down for several hours. I was losing my mind. But it's not like I'm addicted to Facebook or anything, so it's okay.

In other news:
We're getting possession of the house tomorrow and ... the books are packed. Just the books. There are a couple of awkward ones left over. They're all different sizes and are hard to pack. Everything is horrible when you're packing. I've found myself saying this as I've tried to make books fit in boxes that are just under a centimetre too small: "Everything is horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible." At least I have the right attitude.

Packing is horrible. There's so much I feel like I could do, but how to make it all fit seems impossible; so, I'll put a few same-sized books in one box and then some others in another (because the sizes of each group of books is too different), and then I'll look around at the pile of utterly unpackable items, go on Facebook/Blogger, and write about my inability to pack effectively because nothing fits and everything is horrible. Talk about perseverance.

I know that once my mom and brother are home, I can get them to bring their papers and binders so I can put them together with mine. And then we'll get the bins from the storage in the basement so we can pack up the breakables.
"But Ori, why don't you go get the bins and start packing the breakables yourself?"
Clearly, you have not seen my basement. There are spiders. And it is dark, so by the time you notice there's a spider next to you, it might be too late. I need to go down there with backup. I need to go there with my ass-kicking, zombie-killing brother. That way, if a spider appears, his high-pitched scream could precede my own and I'd have a split second longer to flip shit and run. The only downside to this is that we're likely to trip over each other as we flee... but I'M NOT GOING IN THERE ALONE.

Besides, this chair isn't going to sit in itself.

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