Monday, May 9, 2011

Nu Haus: Tralalala!

Dear Globlets,

I haven't written for a while and that bothers me. Lately I've been editing pictures of a young model I recently had a photo shoot with, and I've also been packing.

What? Didn't I tell you?

We're moving. The three of us, plus Lucy.
"But you're 19! Shouldn't you be moving out on your own yet?!" Well, if going to school full time and working part time was not a ticket to Debt Central, I'd move out. If I can stay at home, go to school, and work for a while longer, I'll be able to save up a bit more for school. If I didn't get along with my family, this would be a different story, but I do. And other than the people who think I should be doing something different at this point in my life, nothing says this is a bad idea.

You should have seen us yesterday. We were all snuggled together helping Mom use a program online to lay out our furniture within the correct dimensions of our new house. We get along. People might think we're strange, and I probably wouldn't argue with that, but whatever it is that we're doing works. We're like the perfect unrealistic family everyone hates because they're too busy being asshole teenagers or struggling with asshole teenager kids. Not being asshole teenagers came pretty naturally to us, I think.

(I just killed a spider.)

I would have liked to post pictures of our new house here, but I must have been drunk and/or high as few of the pictures are any good; plus, I forgot to take any pictures of my room. Like I said... drunk/high. We get possession on the 13th, so I might take some more pictures of the new house's nakedness and then provide before-and-afters in the future. We're going to make the house really awesome, really ours. I'm excited.

It's a new house (2005), it's semi-detached, and it's five minutes away from the centre of a fantastic neighbourhood that has a coffee shop, restaurant/pub, theatre, art gallery, and some other little shops. We can see Adrian's school from the property. The electrical system allows us to boil water, toast bread, and microwave leftovers all at the same time. It will be a beautiful thing. The kitchen is ultra-functional and is open to the dining and living rooms. We'll have three bathrooms, and they're all nice, and I fully expect that when we get there, the three of us will all pee at the same time in our separate bathrooms... JUST BECAUSE WE CAN.

Look. When you have to call the bathroom if you want to use it, hopefully beating everyone else to it, or when you have to form a bathroom queue in your own house, you don't take multiple bathrooms for granted, okay?

I wish it was Friday already. I just want to be able to go there and say, "Tralalala! Nu haus is ours, nu haus is ours! Tralalala! Three potties! Tralalala! Functional kitchen!" We'll also have a deck and garden. It's going to be pretty sweet.

Oh! Did I mention we'll have three bathrooms? Excitement.


PeacefulChaos said...

What do you mean, high? High on what? Since when did you engage in such activities? Why was I not informed? D: But congrats again on the nu haus. :) <3

Ori. said...

Lol, yes, I definitely engage in this kind of activity. Oh yes. Because I thought it would be a great impression on the contractor and our real estate agent to look at the house while under the influence of a drug or two. :P

And thanks! :)