Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old haus, nu home.

Dear Globlets,

Do you see? Tall people suffer as well...

This is why this place has been dead over the last while:

Sunday was the last day we were in the old house. My mom and I felt nothing towards leaving - we didn't regret living there, but we don't miss it either. We were indifferent towards it. We worked our butts off cleaning the place, leaving some things cleaner than when we found them (cupboards, the fridge, probably the floors), but we didn't wash the walls as well as we could have. We got to a point where it was like, "Fuck it - they didn't clean when we moved in here, they didn't clean when we moved into our nu haus, and we've left it pretty clean. So, good enough. Let's bounce."
And we did. We bounced to our nu haus, changed into normal clothes, and then bounced to the Fernwood Inn where we had dinner and drinks to celebrate our final day living in a house built in 1906. We said goodbye to ladybug invasions, wasps, windows that don't close or open properly, a shit kitchen, a dungeon where we had to pay $1.25 to do laundry, and the inability to boil water and make toast at the same time without blowing the fuse.

We said goodbye to our old haus and hello to our nu home.

And maybe in a couple of weeks our nu home will even look like a home - right now it looks like we've been practising what it's like to live somewhere post-natural disaster.

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Adrian said...

I didn't feel anything either... Just saying.