Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dear Globlets,

I'm behind on posting. I'll be posting some overdue globulations; hopefully I won't have to pay a FEE!

Long story about that one. I'll link to it once it's posted.

In the meantime... I was trying for the millionth time to get a job at La Senza, and I was submitting a cover letter online. I tried to put in a table, which ended up not working because I don't know how to transfer tables to a computer.
I don't. know how. to transfer tables. to a computer.

Ha. Ha.

So, I tried deleting it, and got this message:

What does this mean?! "Xinha cowardly refuses to delete the last row in table." Why are some articles included and others excluded ("the last row" vs. "in table")? And Xinha? Not Xena... I know my legendary warrior princess, thank you very much.

http://trac.xinha.org -> NOW YOU KNOW. Thanks, Google. You're mighty swell.

One year, when I'm older, and have long hair and money and nothing better to do, I'm going to go as Xena for Halloween. And my childhood dreams will come true and life will be complete.

I will also secretly be a Cylon.

I will be seriously impressed if you understand that connection. If you do, please, please let me know, and I will express my awe and amazement and respect for you in ways that ... will have to be done verbally over the internet unless I know you in person and am willing to do something nice for you.

My mother doesn't count.


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