Friday, July 15, 2011

Gaydar Love.

Dear Globlets,

I have a job again. And a coworker who is really hot. As it is a retail job, I was quite content in thinking my hot coworker was gay. Bad stereotype, I know, but it's a good defence mechanism. (Attractive young man + gay = off limits.) However, he is not gay. He is in a very serious relationship - far more serious than anything I could handle - with a woman.

Just yesterday (I think), he and one of the managers got a classic rock radio station to replace the top 40 one. When I went in and Supertramp, Cream, and Queen were playing, one right after the other, I thought to myself, "I fucking love this place."

Later on in the day, I dropped off some clothing in the fitting rooms area where Hot Coworker was working. He asked me how my day was going, and I said, "Excellent, now that I've heard Radar Love."
"Well, you know," he said. "We've got a thing, you and I, that's called radar love."

I just about died. He quoted Golden Earring. I think he created a new standard that my future man will have to meet. *Must be able to quote classic rock songs on the spot.*

He's nice, good-looking, dresses wonderfully, and has excellent taste in music; even so, I do not need to mate with him. We'll be coworkers who get along really well, which is the case for most of the staff, but he is fantastic.

After all, we've got a thing that's called radar love.

And to make me feel better, he's gay.

Gaydar love? No, that doesn't work too well, does it?

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