Things people say.

Say something good enough and you will be immortalized here.

"He was picking beans but he was freezing peas! Those are two different animals!" - Mom

"Death is for those affected by it. I'm a deli worker, this makes us superior to things like death and spelling." - Mt

"Fucking smart phones! Taking over the world, one clit at a time." - Sp

"I ran my eyebrows through your hair." - Sh

"Why haven't you made me any coffee yet? What kind of child are you!?" - Mom, to me

"It's your tiny-ness... compacting all the personality of a large person into a tiny one makes for some weird results..." - Jl

Aki: Let your Spidey Senses tingle your poop!

Aki: What the hell? What the hell is that?
Ori: It's a child, [Aki].

"Oooh! This looks like chocolate! *munch munch munch* It's a rock." - Me.

"It was off when I turned it on!" - Me

After establishing which family members were which berries, one morning:
Kim/Me: To recap... you're a strawberry, and I'm a raspberry, and Oriana's a blackberry, and [grandpa] is a huckleberry and [grandma] is a cranberry, what's Lucy? (cat)
Adrian: A coconut.

Aki: I saw an Aston Martin on the way home today. He was the only guy that stopped for me.
Mom: Did you get his number?

Mom: It's not that I'm unhappy; it's just that I'm sad.

Mom: This is my beach. MY beach. Nobody else's! My beach!! Only my beach. Okay, you can have it too.
(She was referring to me, by the way. So it's OUR BEACH! RAWR! You'll never find it anyway...)

Mom: Did you want to get a CAESAR?
Ori: You mean an ORANGE JULIUS.
(Caesar = Julius Caesar = Orange Julius, and I understood)

"Hey ... what was that movie called? The one about finding Neverland - nevermind." - Mom.

"Look, it's a peasock!" - (or something along those lines) Fi, refering to a peacock.

"Mr. Claus, Santa Claus, and Face Claus." - Me & Fi. Fi says "cloths" like "clause."