What is an Ori, and why is it called a Glob?

Dear Globlets,

That is how every single globulation starts: "Dear Globlets." Each post, or globulation, is part of my blog, or glob, and directed to my readers, or globlets.

I am an Ori. I was born to a Polish woman and Chilean man (none of those amphibian folks here) in the heart of Vancouver, BC on September 20th, 1991. I grew up in several homes on the mainland for a decade or so until we left for Santiago, Chile. There, we met unforgettable family and friends whom we love and care about very much despite the thousands of miles that are now between us once more.

In those two and a half years, my mom learned to appreciate food and enjoy cooking since the ingredients she had access to were only the freshest and flavourful of produce and meats. Her love for food was contagious and now she cooks wonderfully while I bake; there's always dinner and dessert. I liked baking even when I was a child but feared stepping out of my banana-bread-and-Pillsbury-dough comfort zone; however, banana bread is still a classic in our house. I have overcome that fear and have branched out in the baking world.

When we returned to Canada, my parents separated. I was homeschooled throughout my high school years, mercifully spared from the needless drama my younger brother (who attends high school) now faces on a regular basis. I also got the opportunity to experience NBTSC, a fantastic home/un-schooler camp in the United States, where I was inspired by other campers and advisors on a daily basis to do amazing and creative things, my confidence boosting in the process. While I was self-learning at home, I discovered my love for three things: sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Or rather, writing, photography and music. I'm currently attending college with the intention of going to university to major in Creative Writing and minor in Photography.

I am a proud atheist; I have an overprotective cat named Lucy, nicknamed appropriately as Lucifer, who I also overprotect, worship and love in return; I am a curvy petite girl-woman-thing, reaching 5'; I have little to hide, literally and figuratively (I'll kick your ass at hide-and-seek); I hate peas and spiders but I love shoes and warm weather.

A friend, Jl, describes me:
"It's your tiny-ness... compacting all the personality of a large person into a tiny one makes for some weird results..."

Why "Glob?"
When I was a student at FVDES, students were able to have blogs and interact with each other online (See last two exes). They all said:
Y's Blog
X's Blog
Z's Blog
... they were all "Blogs." When I created my blog, I wanted to be different. I wanted to stand out. I wanted to have a name that was meaningful and complex and smart and witty and creative, so, naturally, I came up with "Glob."

Another way to look at it is that this is a glob of me and my thoughts among the many yous and others' thoughts.
A glob: like a dab but bigger; like an imperfect tablespoon of cookie dough among a pan full of perfectly round uncooked cookies; not a blob because, frankly, that's insulting.

Like me, follow me, talk to me, and I will hear you, love you, and write to you.